In earth, Surao have a dream. He see a alien-shaped like ball and a robot that have a problem from their spaceship. Then after that, the alarm clock fall down to Surao and he wake up. He greeted good morning to his family then he read the newspaper that his dad reading that a astronaut is gonna explore moon. After that, he go outside say bye to his mama and go to school. Surao and Mikki talked together. But Wootan and his other assistants come and Wootan is gonna shocked Surao. They now quarell together. Then after that, there's a building that Surao and Mikki can't go there but they still enter there. Wootan and his assistants come to look the building. They wondered that the building is dangerous. Then when Surao and Mikki enter, Surao see that there's a alien there. Mikki don't like do be close there because she wondered it's dangerous. Then, they suprised together then run but can't escape. then the alien go to the portal then Surao touch it then it's stuck! Then Mikki help Surao but they both enter to the portal. The portal is not only a portal, it's a spaceship. Then Surao, Mikki, Mojacko and Dunno bumped together. After that Surao, Mikki, Mojacko and Dunno have been friends now. They now adventured the moon then they eat a candy that have air and they survive. Then Mojacko and Dunno said that they have a problem and landed to earth. It said it was the bad planet. Then Surao get mad. Then they eat some special foods and drinks. Surao see a astronaut (the astronaut that it says at the newspaper) then say hi but the astronaut can't hear it. Then Dunno replied, "That people can't hear us because when another people eat the candy then we eat also the candy, they can hear us. Because of connection. But only at Moon." Then Surao hi to the astronaut again then the astronaut hear it and it bumped. Then Surao said sorry to the astronaut then run away. After that, they return back to earth then said bye bye to Mojacko and Dunno. Then Surao go home then mom and dad watch a news that a boy appeared at moon. Then it's now over.Edit